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cHıos cHakra Lightwork

Learn to channel color, light & energy
to clear and activate the Chakras & Aura biofield.

Chios Chakra Lightwork | Certification Class | Level 1

In this exciting one-day certification class, you will learn about life-force energy (Chi or Reiki), the chakra system, the power of working with color, Light and energy. The  hands-on exercises will activate your hand chakras, teach you to channel healing energies, and how to cleanse and activate the Chakras and the Aura for greater vitality. Learn to sense and strengthen the Aura biofield for improved shielding (vital for EMPATHS!) Your CHIOS Level 1 Attunement will activate your intuition to a higher level, open energy channels in your hands, and ehance your 3rd eye.

In Level 1 you will learn:

  • Learn to Sense & Channel Life Force Energy (also known as Quantum field energy, Source Energy, Chi, or Reiki)
  • Learn to Sense the Aura Energy Field
  • Identify Dense and/or Leaking Areas of the Aura Energy Field
  • Learn the Basics of the Chakra System
  • Sense, See, and Channel Life Force Energy into the Chakras
  • Learn the Basic Level 1 CHIOS Chakra Balancing Treatment
  • Basic Precautions when working on the Chakras and Aura Energy Field

Chios Chakra Lightwork | Certification Class | Level 2
This is a 2 day class!

In CHIOS Level 2, you will expand upon the basics from your Level 1 class.  You will learn to channel stronger and larger amounts of healing energy into your subject’s Chakras, energy body, and Aura biofield. Your CHIOS Master Teacher will guide you to see, feel, or sense many simple energetic defects in your subject’s Aura and Chakras. You will then learn many new healing techniques to correct those energetic defects for greater wellness and vitality to your subject.

In Level 2 you will learn:

  • Learn about the First 3 layers of the Aura Energy Field
  • Review the Chakra System and how it integrates with the Aura Layers
  • Learn the powerful CHIOS Symbols
  • How to properly Visualize in the mind’s eye
  • The 5 Basic Energetic Defects of the Chakras
  • Using Intuitive Information to Read the Aura Energy field and Chakras
  • Sensing the Different Energetic Defects of the Aura and the Chakras
  • Begin to Learn how to View the Aura
  • How to Assess the Energetic Needs and Treatment for the Client
  • Treatment of Defects of the Aura
  • Treatment of Defects of the Chakras
  • Charging the Aura Energy Field
  • When and How to offer Energetic Grounding to Your Client
  • Energetic Spine Cleaning
  • Beginning to Learn to See the Colors of the Chakras
  • Beginning to Learn to Use Lightwork

Chios Chakra Lightwork | Certification Class | Level 3
This is a 2 day class!

This class teaches the third level of advanced techniques in the CHIOS Energy healing technique.  This level teaches an even deeper level of sensing and knowledge of the Chakra system and layers of the Aura.  Learn each of the sever (7) layers of the Aura and how they connect to the physical body, emotional body, and energy body.  Learn to sense and repair anomolies of each of these layers effectively.  Successful completion of this 2-day  course qualifies the graduate to become a Master Teacher. Class includes a Master Teacher attunement, manual, Master Teacher certificate, and listing on the national CHIOS Master Teacher website. 

In Level 3 you will learn:

  • Channeling Color and Light
  • Visualizing True Color
  • Visualizing the CHIOS symbols in color
  • Energetic Defects of the Seven Layers of the Aura
  • Learning to View All Seven Layers of the Aura
  • Interpreting the meaning of the Energetic Impurities of the Higher Layers
  • Review the 5 Basic Energetic Defects of the Chakra System
  • Learn the 4 additional Advanced Energetic Defects of the Chakra System
  • Sensing the Conditions of the Chakra System
  • Empathic Perception of Chakras with Structural Energetic Defects
  • Integrating an Interpretation of Treatment Needs for the Chakra System
  • Integrating Conditions in the Chakras with Conditions of the Aura Layers
  • Chakra Charging
  • Chakra System Rebalancing
  • Radiatory Healing of Chakras
  • Experiencing the Ultimate Nature of the Chakras
  • 7th Layer Focal Healing
  • When and How to Deliver Intuitive Information to Your Patient
  • Frisson Healing of Chakras and the Seventh Layer
  • CHIOS Chakra Lightwork Distance Healing Techniques
  • Self Healing with Chios
  • Becoming a Master Teacher of CHIOS Chakra Lightwork

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Intro To Chakra Healing

Intro To Chakra Healing | Workshop

Are you interested in learning more about the energy centers feeding your body and organs, called the Chakras?

Ariana Zariah, offers her personal insights and 10+ years experience with working with clearing, aligning, and energizing the Chakras. This workshop is excellent for both beginners as well as experienced LMTs, trauma coaches, therapists, energy healers, and more.

In this workshop, you will:

  1. Receive an overview of the 7 main Chakra centers and where they are located in the body.
  2. Learn which organs each Chakra affects
  3. Gain a deeper holistic understanding of how the energetic, emotional, and physical aspects of the body work symbiotically with each other.
  4. Learn the emotional essence of each Chakra and the types of traumas that can reside in each. This part is fascinating. Ariana will share first hand experiences of traumas “discovered” in the chakras of clients and the shifts they experience from releasing these energies.
  5. Experience hands-on exercises to sense energy, tap into your own intuition, and feel or sense the energy of other people.
  6. Receive guidance and internally focus on your own chakras and learn to sense them within your own body.
  7. Release some of your own “trauma” energy with the assistance and guidance of Ariana, in a group clearing setting.


This is offered via Zoom or In-person for $35

If you are registering to ZOOM, please make a note with your payment and/or text me a Zoom link request 864.915.2313