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CHIOS Energy Lightwork Therapy – Level 1 – March 16, 2024

March 16th – Saturday

CHIOS Level 1 – In this informative, hands-on certification class, you will learn to sense energy (also known as reiki or chi)  The focus will be to sense the aura (energy field around the body) and the chakra energy centers of the body. The class exercises will teach you how to channel healing energies to clear, cleanse, balance and recharge the aura and chakra centers.  The powerful CHIOS meditation will help to open your intuition and focus the power of  your mind. Your Master Teacher will guide you on how to perform CHIOS chakra balancing on yourself, as well as  others.  Class includes CHIOS LEVEL 1 Attunement which opens the energy channels of the hands and activates your 3rd eye.

You will receive the CHIOS Level 1 manual and CHIOS Level I Certification


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