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This website and its affiliated web pages (e.g. Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, Blogger, etc) and and any books affiliated with practices and techniques discussed or presented therein all contain entertainment,information, techniques and offers of services in what are generally becoming known as energy healing, energy medicine, and/or vibrational healing. The information and techniques in all of these, however, are presented for informational and educational purposes only. The author(s) and web page(s) owner(s) are not engaged in providing medical, psychological, health or professional advice or services of any kind, do not make any claims of effectiveness of any techniques presented for the treatment of any medical or psychological condition, nor representing the information and techniques herein as being any substitute for care by licensed health care providers. The author(s) and web page(s) owner makes no warranty or claim of effectiveness—express or implied—for the information and techniques discussed (including their use by any other person), and shall not be liable for any loss, damage or harm arising out of their use. If you or someone you know has a physical or mental health care concern, please consult a licensed physician, licensed psychotherapist or other licensed health care provider. The application and/or engagement of the information and techniques presented are the choice of each reader, who assumes full responsibility for his or her application of them, interpretation of them and results or lack of results. The author(s) and web page(s) owner(s) assume no responsibility for the action or choices of any reader or practitioner regarding the information and techniques presented.

All testimonials posted on any and all media forms, are posted by free will of those clients and in their own words.  Those that are reprinted have sources cited to the original post made my the client. 

Energy healing (energy medicine)  vibrational healing, etc. in all of its forms are part of the emerging category of healing therapies variously referred to as alternative medicine or holistic health.  These therapies have only recently begun to be investigated by the scientific community. While it is true that energy healing and similar alternative therapies have enjoyed rapidly-growing popularity in recent years, their effectiveness has not bee proven by any government or medical entity or entities. Energy healing, vibrational healing, etc are not an evidence-based therapies for any condition of body or mind; there is no comprehensive, definitive scientific evidence of the effectiveness of energy healing techniques. Educational programs in the healing arts, healing schools and healing trainings in alternative medical therapies have begun to flourish. The majority of these activities (including instruction in and practice of energy healing and energy medicine and vibrational healing) are thus far unlicensed and unregulated by any government agency or entity in most locations worldwide. 

In light of the above facts and their legal implications, the author(s) of any books mentioned or suggested, and owner(s) of this website and its affiliated web page(s) merely make the information, techniques and services herein available subject to the above terms and conditions and also those below. By reading any of the book(s) or this website and/or its affiliated web page(s) you agree that doing so constitutes your acceptance of all terms and conditions listed both above and below:

  1. The information, techniques and services discussed herein are presented for informational and educational purposes only, and without warranty of any kind, express or implied. The owner of this website and affiliated websites specifically disclaims all responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, which is incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly from the use or application of any information, technique or service on this site. The website owner makes no claim and specifically disclaims any effectiveness, benefits or suitability for treatment for any disease or condition, whether physical, mental, emotional or for any other purpose, and will not be liable for damages—medical, psychological or any other kind-incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly by the use or application of any information, technique or service on this site. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the website owner(s) and its affiliated webpages from any liability for physical or mental injury to you or third parties, or any loss or damage of any kind, to you or to third parties, resulting from use of any information, technique or service on this website, in whole or in part, including but not limited to: energy healing techniques, meditation techniques, energy healing treatments, vibrational healing, energy healing attunements, participating in energy healing or meditation classes or instruction, receipt of psychic or intuitive information provided, making use of any service or offer of assistance from any person listed on this website or its affiliated web page(s). You agree to all the above, whether you receive the information, techniques or services from this website itself, from the owner of this site, from other persons listed on this website or from any other parties purporting to practice any of the techniques or services discussed herein.

  2. The healing techniques discussed on this site are alternative and complementary in nature. Neither energy healing nor any of the information, techniques or services offered on this site is a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment by a licensed health care professional. If you are physically or mentally ill, you are strongly urged to consult an appropriate licensed health care professional.  Energy healing, energy medicine, Vibrational healing, etc focus on the sensations of the body and do not directly claim to cure any physical, mental or emotional illnesses.

  3. This website offers instruction in meditation, energy healing techniques, and vibrational healing techniques but neither this website nor its owner is an accredited, licensed or certified school. The owner of this website is not a physician or licensed health care provider, nor licensed nor certified to instruct or grant diplomas in energy healing. Degree certificates offered by this website, its owner and by persons listed on it are not accredited or certified degrees and the website owner disclaims their fitness, merchantability or suitability for the practice of energy healing or for any other purpose. Individuals who offer their services using energy healing techniques discussed on this site (and other techniques) are listed on this website, but the owner of this site has not qualified these individuals, has not verified any abilities they may have and makes no representation and is not responsible for what they claim about themselves or their abilities, for the energy healing treatments and/or attunements they provide, or for the quality or quantity of classes or course content they may offer. Should you elect to receive any service from these persons or anyone purported to use these techniques, you must research and determine for your self whatever qualifications they may possess, and do so at your own risk. The owner further specifically disclaims any benefit you may receive from services these persons offer, and will not be responsible for their actions or for loss, harm or damage arising from your employment of the services they offer, as more specifically provided for above.

  4. Should you choose to learn the energy healing techniques discussed in this site and practice them upon others—whether you are listed on this website or not—you agree to not make any representations of the techniques as being able to cure or assist in the curing of any disease or affliction. You also agree a) never to make any claims to heal or cure; b) to never diagnose illness; c) to never claim to treat illness; d) to never prescribe treatment or medication; e) to never interfere with the care provided by any licensed health care provider; f) to never recommend the discontinuance of any treatment or medication prescribed by a licensed health care provider; g) to never represent yourself as a physician or licensed health care provider, if you are not; h) to never act in any capacity for which a professional license is required, should you not possess that license; i) to never practice these techniques in any location or venue where it is not legal to do so, and j) to comply with all laws and disclosure requirements in your area.