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Connect To Your Soulmate

Connect To Your Soulmate | Workshop

Exploring and expanding your concepts of love, relationship, and heart connection, this workshop is designed to assist you in going deeper into your desires, clearing your fears, resolving old patterns, traumas, and negative beliefs. If you are truly ready to experience deeper romance with your current partner or are single and desire to align with your heart’s soulmate, this workshop offers a huge array of tools, clearings, and expansion to get you there.

Get ready to Leap into Love!

This WORKSHOP will help you:

  1. Help to clear the energetic blocks, negative beliefs, Ancestral curses, and relationship traumas in a safe and nurturing environment.
  2. Explore the differences between codependancy, relationship, and contributionship, and break cycles of toxicity.
  3. Discuss Feng Shui adjustments that you can make in your home to help bring in the love you seek.
  4. Clear areas where we have difficulty “receiving”. If you cannot receive love, it cannot come in. What else can you not receive?
  5. Are you energetically showing up in the world Being the person that you are looking for, or the person that Your Person is looking for?
  6. Learn how to Ask spirit and your angels to assist in bringing your love match in, and how not to sabotage getting what you desire.


Clearing these energies and creating more conscious choices and clarity in your mind, body, spirit, and home will create the perfect vacuum to pull your person in!