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Become an Angelic Lightworker

Angelic Lightworker Certification
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Learn to connect to your Angelic team and the ArchAngels to create a dynamic etheric healing field of divine energy.  As you learn to see, sense, and trust the guidance of your angels and the hierarchy of the ArchAngels, you will discover new ways to channel lightcodes, divine frequencies, and healing energies into your clients.

This class brings in elements of crystal healing, channeling energies like Reiki, as well as light and color, and communications from your team of angels and the higher divine forces of the ArchAngels themselves.  If you love Angels, helping people to feel better in their lives and in their bodies, and the joy of raising your frequency with angelic light, then this class is for you!

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Intro To Angelic Lightwork

Are you drawn to Angels, communicating with them, sensing them, and how to work with them? This workshop is for all Earth-Angels seeking a deeper connection with the Angelic realms, and all that have a love for their angel team and the ArchAngels. The Angels are always with us, and yet they are bound by Universal Law to not interfere with humans without the Human’s permission or request.

In this workshop you will learn about:
5 of the main ArchAngels (Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Chamuel)

  1. Learn their responsibility to humans
  2. How to call upon them and what to ask each assistance with
  3. The color of Light associated with them
  4. Crystals associated with them


This Workshop also includes guided Meditations to connect with each of the ArchAngels:

  1. Receive messages and healings
  2. Receive Angelic Lightcode upgrades.
  3. Light language upgrades to those ready to receive them.