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Access bArs pRactitioNer

Chanel Reiki through the mind.
Balance the brain hemispheres, clear negative thoughts, & create more space.

Access Bars Practitioner Certification 1
June 22, 2024

(price subject to increase without notice by Access Consciousness Worldwide)

If you are repeating this class, it is 50% off Access Consciousness’s current price. 

Does your brain sometimes get foggy and cluttered with negative thoughts? Do you ever feel lethargic or lacking in joy? Do you feel anxious or lack clarity sometimes?

Now you can change all of that with ease using this amazing and simple technique called the Access Bars. You do not have to be a “healer” or a “psychic” do the Access Bars. It’s as easy as gently touching 32 specific points on the head and allowing the natural electromagnetic charge of the human body to run the Access Bars for you! As you work with these energies and tools, You will start to feel and sense energy more deeply. It will open up your natural intuition and expand deeper into your intuitive gifts. You do not need to consider yourself gifted in any way to take this class. Students will experience amazing shifts from the powerful gift of energy in the classroom while gifting and receiving these techniques on each other.

Share this empowering and refreshing technique with friends, family, and potential clients. Experience more peace and calm, lightness of being, clarity of thought, deeper intuition and more relaxed sleep. How Does it Get Any Better Than That?

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