Ariana Zariah, Founder of Namaste Healing Arts

From a very young age, Ariana knew that she was different from most kids, and most adults for that matter.  She stared at the stars, with an unexplainable fascination with the cluster of stars called Pleiades.  By age 11, she read her first book on American Indian Shamanism and began soul journeying.  Due to her unique outlooks on life, she continued to "not fit in".  Her solitude gave her more space to study and write poetry. She grew more and more empathetic to the world around her.  By 22, she moved to NYC where she was submerged into studies of holistic health, herbalism, meditation training with Buddhist Monks at a local Vihara, astrology, and Light Work.  As the years progressed, she continued to take classes on Past Life Regression, Numerology, Pre-Womb Therapy, Kabbalah, Feng Shui, and much, much more.  

Ariana moved to Los Angeles, in her 30s where she gave birth to her two boys, Vegas and Austin.  While motherhood took front seat to her passion for studies in holistic health and mysticisms, she did not stay away from her studies for long.  In 2007, she moved her family to Greenville, SC where she continues to reside.  Most recently, she has been certified in Crystal Healing, Tuning Fork Vibrational Therapy, Access Bars Facilitator, Access Body Processes, Ancestral Clearing & Childhood Trauma Release, and is a Certified CHIOS Master Teacher. 

Ariana is a doting mom of two amazing sons, who are gifted in many ways.  Rounding out their little family are two of the most loving cats in the Carolinas who are sure to warm your heart,  Sophia and Maple Jane.

Blessings of peace, joy, and abundance.