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Miraculous Testimonial

This miraculous testimonial came from a young mother who has been plagued with a mysterious condition that has “no cure” according to her doctors.  She was gracious enough to email this detailed account of her experience and her beautiful testimonial.  This session was really incredible! It’s so amazing when there is such a quantifiable shift. 
I came to Ariana about an issue I always get when I’m pregnant (5th pregnancy with this same issue). It’s called Ptyalism, and it’s where you produce too much saliva. This is my fifth baby where I’ve had this issue. It’s so bad that I constantly have to be chewing or sipping on something to swallow, or I just have to spit every minute or so. Doctors have no cure or answer, they just say it will go away. When I was doing my usual research to desperately find an answer I came across several articles that talked about women who had good results doing hypnosis. I immediately thought of Ariana and asked her if she did this kind of thing. She said she does more than that and she talked about the Trauma Energy Release.
During our session, she said that this came to her when I was describing my issue. “I’m so mad I could spit!” When she said that I felt it go straight through my body.
I was raised by a narcissist father with major anger issues and a mother who had no voice but to go along with whatever he said and did. (As a child) I wasn’t supposed to have a voice either and it really irritated him when I started to get one in my teenage years. So I basically became the black sheep of the family and his target practice. The worst thing he did and this is what broke the camel’s back and made me cut them off completely, was he conspired behind my back with my ex-husband to take my daughter (6yrs old at the time) away from me. My current husband and I had moved a little over an hour away and that infuriated him (my father). He wanted my daughter to stay close to him. That was his way of still having control over me. (They were successful in taking custody of my first daughter with my ex.) So needless to say, yeah, I was so mad I could spit!
I knew I had anger deep down from him. Ariana helped me by guiding me through specific memories and clearing that traumatic energy. She actually had me go to myself as a 7 year old child in my (childhood) room as I was trying to escape one of my dad’s temper tantrums and comfort myself (like being a mom to myself). It was so powerful. I was able to tell myself that I didn’t do anything wrong and that he has the issue, it’s not me.
That was one aspect of it. But wait, there’s more! This next part has to do with an ancestor of mine. Ariana explained to me that traumas can be passed down though DNA from our ancestors. So I had to tell her about what my family had experienced. When our youngest was a baby in her crib (last year) she would stay awake at night like she was in a trance and say, “Mama, Mama, Mama, maaaaamaaaaa…” Just sitting straight up chanting for me. A lady who owned a crystal store we always went to said that there is a ancestor trying to reach me through my baby. When she said that my jaw dropped because just a few weeks earlier my husband had a dream about one of my ancestors on my mother’s side. This is the woman in the picture (shown below). He had to draw her because it was so vivid. She was most likely from the 1800’s (he said) from the look of the shawl she was wearing. The look she had on her face was very cold and she was glaring at me. My husband asked her what she wanted and she pointed at me. He said he got the feeling like she had lost something, like something was taken from her. She was with my mother and now she’s with me.
When I told this to Ariana what she said she felt was unbelievable. She felt like this woman had lost her baby. Like she had a late miscarriage due to famine and drought. Makes sense because of the time period and also my ancestors on my mother’s side were from Ireland. She lost the baby because they didn’t have enough water. My body is producing too much water (saliva) as if I’m dehydrated. So it’s as if she’s trying to protect my baby from a drought that’s not happening in this lifetime!
Ariana said a very powerful prayer to the Creator and spoke to me and my ancestors including her releasing and clearing this traumatic energy. It was amazing.
She told me to make sure to take an Epsom salt bath that night. As I was in the bath I spoke to this woman in my own way and told her how sorry I was for what she went through losing her baby and that she doesn’t have to worry about this baby because we are not having a drought and we have plenty of water. Basically I was telling her she can be free now.
When I woke up the next morning my mouth was DRY! I maybe had to spit three times in 30 minutes as opposed to every minute. I was able to drink water easier without gagging. The saliva has been minimal today and I anticipate it will get better and better. I cannot thank Ariana enough for her amazing work. She is so empathetic and really cares. I will tell everyone I know about her because everyone can benefit from this.
-Grateful Mom of 6 plus bun in the oven.
Ancestor Drawing woman with somber face wearing a shawl