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Arch Angel Raphael Surrounded by Green light

ArchAngel Raphael's Green Light Meditation

This is a powerful Meditation to rejuvenate, relax, and encourage healing to the mind, body, and spirit.  Emerald Green has strong healing qualities and is associated with Arch Angel Raphael, the healer Arch Angel. Find a comfortable seated position and take several long slow deep breaths. On each inhale, draw Pure Divine Light down from the heavens into your body, as you exhale visualize negative thoughts, emotions, stress exiting your body (I usually visualize it as a brown smoggy smoke).  Repeat this process until you feel your body relaxing.
Start at your toes and visualize the Green Light filling your toes releasing tensions and filling your feet with Green Light.  Move up to your ankles releasing tensions and negativity and filling them with Green light.  Take your time, slowly making your way up your entire body.  Focus at each part, muscles, joints, bones, organs, connective tissue, and filling all of it with healing Green Light.  Visualize the green light releasing tension and negativity. Take extra time on areas in which you’ve experienced pain at any part of the day. 

When you finally reach the top of your head, visualize the Green Light blasting through the top of your head and out into the universe. Visualize your entire body glowing through with this Divine Light of Pure Love and Healing.  Intensify this Light. Turn it up Brighter and Brighter to burn off any of the tension and negativity that you may have not yet released.  Visualize the Light extending outside the confines of your earthly body.  Visualize the light shooting out 3 feet all around you. 
Know that this Divine Light has strengthened your connection to Spirit, empowered you and healed you.  Take the time to enjoy this healing.  Relax in the glow of Arch Angel Raphael’s Healing Green Light.
When you are done extend Gratitude from your heart out into the Universe. 
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