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2024 Numerology Forecast

Universal Year of 8

Money – Money – Money

The Numbers of 2 0 2 4

When we look at the individual numbers of 2024 there is much to learn about the frequency  of the coming year. The zero “0” flanked by matching 2’s and polishing off with a 3, all have significance. Zero is a God number. It represents the Infinite, Our Creator, and the Universe. It is about amplification, power, and the unlimited possibilities of the Universe. From this perspective the coming year may have more trials and tribulations than we have seen in the past two years, but Our Creator is in the mix of it all! We have many Universal Spirit Helpers, reminding us that they are always with us, no matter how tumultuous the world becomes. Nothing happens in this Universe without Our Creator. All ‘bad’ things that occur ultimately have a higher purpose for lessons, growth, and a deeper understanding and connection to Source. The matching 2’s surrounding the zero are about balance and partnership. These 2 are reminding us to seek out balance in all things, to not let the scales tip too far in one direction or the other. The fact that there are two 2’s indicated that seeking out like-minded people to hold space with you during times of strife will be of the utmost value to remain emotionally grounded. The 4 at the end bears the frequency of foundation, home, studies, and attention to detail. Where last year’s Universal Year of 7 was about deep thought, introversion, slowing down, and seeking answers of existentialist nature. Where more and more people have begun to seek answers to why the world is still in chaos.  This trend will be amplified by 2024’s “4” frequency. More people that have not studied or sought out answers will start to look at the  details of the recent occurrences.  Unfortunately, this will be spurned by The Universal Year of 8 affecting finances, world finances as well as personal and local finances. Hitting people in the pocketbook is sometimes the only way to make people stop and look around at the false premises of their reality.

Universal Year of 8

The Year of 8 is focused on Money, Wealth, and Material Advancement. The flipside is that it is about lessons with money. This is a power year, when one can make important strides in finances with proper stewarding of money. Unfortunately, the United States has been a terrible steward to its Federal Reserves and generous coffers of tax dollars. In my estimation, a Universal backlash is inevitable, and the year of 8 is the most likely time to see this manifest in, I believe, a huge restructuring of our money systems.  Banks that have operated irresponsibly will come under fire.  My personal desire is to see the politicians that have used their position for insider trading and massive wealth grabbing, to face consequences.  We may even see a stock market crash.  Coming after a very slow and introspective period last year (the year 7), you may start feeling some stirrings of ambitions and set into motion the ideas and knowledge gained in your period of introspection last year. On a personal level, this is a year of big decisions and the possibility of major achievements. The question on a global scale, is who will do the achieving?

It's Not all Doom and Gloom

It is not all doom and gloom, and I do not want it to seem that way.  Will we see the dollar reset and the fiat currency come to an end?  Will Bitcoin take a larger role in finances? Will the dollar move to a more stable gold-backed position?  Will the Nesara Gesara Act finally be fulfilled?  These are all very likely during the Year of 8, and surprisingly coincidental that we seemed primed and ready for this to unfold in the coming year.  Be mindful of your personal finances, diversify, hold cash on hand, liquidate what you can. I hope I am  completely bonkers, but best to be prepared for the worst.  

Activity is your keynote now, use the energy  of this Universal Year to stay very much involved and occupied. Opportunities for advancement and recognition for past and current work is likely to come about during this year. Those leaders (both political and corporate) that have worked hard with mindfulness and loyalty should emerge ahead of those operating dishonestly.  You will be fine as you pay attention and take action. It should be easier this year to branch out and expand in a businesslike manner, if you are at all inclined.  This is the time to exude self-confidence and authority, because others will tend to be receptive to your leadership and control. Pay attention to leaders who exude confidence in their positions through the year.  The 8 year is the pinnacle of the 9 year cycle for power and status potential.

Key concepts for the year

Caution in how frivolous you are with your money at this time. Stewardship and sensibility are paramount. We are all affected by  the Universal Year frequency in 8, but everyone has a more potent “Personal Year” based on your birthday.  Click the link below to Calculate  your personal year for free and read what it means for you.

Learn to calculate your Personal year